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Hearts of Gems

Private Parent Coaching

Private Parent Coaching

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Unlock the Power to Peaceful Parenting

  • Are you exhausted from the constant struggle with your child's behaviour?
  • Do you feel guilty about constantly yelling and disciplining from a place of anger and frustration?
  • Do you crave cooperation and connection in your home?

You are not alone and you can experience a transformative journey within 12 weeks!

This 12-week coaching program includes 12 1:1 coaching sessions (one hour session each week), worksheets, our Ultimate Connection Bundle, and Daily Gems Ebook.

The program is parent-centric, which means that we will do deep work with you as a parent, exploring any residual feelings and unconscious belief patterns and replace them with empowering beliefs that will bring out the very best in you and allow you truly connect and grow with your child(ren).

The specific tools and strategies I teach are proven and evidence based, grounded in foundations of attachment and nervous system science and brain science. You will also learn how to play your way to cooperation, and respond to your child's big emotions with understanding and compassion, while establishing boundaries. 

By the end of the 12 week period, you should have experienced a personal transformation that makes you feel empowered and brings a new level of joy to your parenting journey.


*Once registered, we'll reach out to discuss a mutually convenient schedule arrangement.


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