Hearts of Gems is a children's apparel brand that promotes kindness, diversity, equality, and optimism. Words are powerful, and we believe it’s never too early for children to express themselves through fashion or start learning how to spread positivity and inclusion. Some of our pieces are meant to spark conversations with our children about tough but important topics like race, self-love, compassion, and more. 



Hi! I’m Tarila, founder of Hearts of Gems. I started this brand to help spread the contagious positivity of my daughters (who I call my “gems” 😉). My daughters Ariella and Micaela are kind, selfless, curious girls with an innate desire to connect with others. At just 3 years old, Ariella is very interested in knowing more about the text and imagery on her clothing and eager to share the knowledge with others

I hope that the messages and imagery on Hearts of Gems apparel and accessories will help inspire our children to create a more positive, accepting, and enlightened world. 

Children are our future. We have the power to shape their mindset as they grow—and by clothing them in positivity, they learn to not only embrace themselves, but others as well.

Together we can create a better world!

Tarila Morrone