About Us


Raising my two little girls, whom I fondly call my Gems, inspired me to think about how I could continuously nurture the values that are important for a better world - self-love, kindness, gratitude, and compassion for all. This led to Hearts of Gems. I quickly realized that it all begins with the mind, and that proactively ensuring a thriving mental state in the early years has a profound impact on a child's development. 

Our mission is to promote a proactive approach to children’s mental wellness by creating products and providing resources that will help strengthen parent-child connection and elicit positive emotions in children. By enriching children’s mental wellbeing, we are positively shaping the way they see and treat themselves and others.

With the benefit of a thriving mental health, we hope to see the next generation seize opportunities to sprinkle goodness in the world—and make the world a little brighter. Together we can inspire and empower little hearts to have big impacts in the world. 

Tarila Morrone
Chief Creative Officer