About Us

Soon after having my first daughter, I began to notice exceptional traits in her - she has a very loving nature and a heart full of compassion and kindness. I called her my “Gem”. Then I had my second daughter, and seeing the way they love and take care of each other is so inspiring. They truly have the hearts of gems. 



Watching them inspired me to think about how I could continuously nurture the values that are important for a better world - self-love, kindness, gratitude, and compassion for all. This led to Hearts of Gems - a children’s lifestyle brand that would affirm their value and remind them of the qualities we should all aspire to live by. 

Our mission is to help cultivate a love for learning and humanity in the littles. Our products are thoughtfully designed to inspire and empower little hearts to have big impacts in the world. 

Tarila Morrone