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I Know Who I Am | Empowering affirmation cards for kids

I Know Who I Am | Empowering affirmation cards for kids

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Unlock the potential of your child with our empowering affirmation cards, a vital tool in nurturing children's mental health and building their self-esteem.

✅  Empowers children by building self-esteem.

✅  Fosters a positive mindset and resilient spirit.

✅  Reinforces healthy family relationships and effective parent-child communication.

✅  Helps children develop emotional intelligence and boosts confidence and happiness.


The Affirmations are followed by a corresponding action ranging from: 

Actions that encourage them to practice gratitude 

Prompts to Explore Mindfulness

Suggestions to encourage kindness


Pro-tip - Place a card on the bathroom mirror daily and encourage kids to repeat the 'affirmation of the day' as they get ready in the morning.


Product Details:

  • 30 cards
  • Vibrant and beautiful design
  • Printed on premium quality stock
  • Size: 3.5in x 4.75in


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