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I Know Who I Am Affirmation Cards for Kids

I Know Who I Am Affirmation Cards for Kids

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Unlock the potential of your child with our empowering Kids Affirmation Cards, a vital tool in nurturing children's mental health and building their self-esteem. These cards are not just about positive affirmations; they're a pathway to developing a positive mindset and resilient spirit in children. By reinforcing healthy family relationships and effective parent-child communication, these affirmations can help boost confidence and happiness.

Watch as your child blossoms into an empowered, confident Individual, equipped with emotional intelligence to face life's challenges.


The Affirmations are followed by a corresponding action ranging from: 

Actions that encourage them to practice gratitude 

Prompts to Explore Mindfulness

Suggestions to encourage kindness


Pro-tip - Place a card on the bathroom mirror daily and encourage kids to repeat the 'affirmation of the day' as they get ready in the morning.


Product Details:

  • 30 cards
  • Vibrant and beautiful design
  • Printed on premium quality stock
  • Size: 3.5in x 4.75in


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