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Hearts of Gems

Family Digital Detox Kit

Family Digital Detox Kit

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Family Digital Detox Kit: Unplug, Play, Connect!

Discover the perfect antidote to digital overwhelm with our Family Digital Detox Kit. The first and only of its kind, this thoughtfully curated kit is designed with busy parents in mind, offering you activities at your fingertips to bring your family closer, fostering meaningful connections, supporting balanced living, and creating lasting memories.

What's Inside:

✨ Memory Makers (25 Cards): Embark on a journey of unforgettable family adventures! These cards are your quick guide to creating fun moments together, sparking joy and laughter.

✨ Memory Match Game (40 Cards): Challenge your family's memory and have a blast with this classic low energy game that's perfect for all ages. Unplug and engage in friendly competition...even from the comfort of laying in bed!

✨ Follow The Leader (20 Cards): It's time for interactive fun! Take turns being the leader and watch as your family follows along, creating a symphony of shared movements and boundless laughter.

✨ Would You Rather (40 Cards): Fuel engaging conversations and hilarious debates with our collection of "Would You Rather" scenarios. Discover new aspects of each other and strengthen your family bond.

✨ Mindful Moments (25 Cards): Immerse your family in mindful practices with these cards designed to promote calmness, gratitude, and improved well-being. Unwind together and create a sanctuary of calm in your home.

Why Choose Our Digital Detox Kit:

✅ Unplug for Quality Time: Rediscover the joy of face-to-face interactions without the distraction of screens.

✅ Versatile Fun for All Ages: From energetic games to mindful moments, there's something for everyone and different energy levels.

✅ Promote Family Bonding: Strengthen relationships through shared experiences, laughter, and open communication.

✅ Create Lasting Memories: Build a treasure trove of memories with activities that go beyond the digital realm.

✅ Encourage Mindful Living: Foster a mindful and balanced lifestyle with activities that promote connection and relaxation.

🌟 Embrace the magic of family connections! 🌟


Product Details:

  • Box size - 7.5in x 7.5in x 3.5in
  • 5 Activity Decks
  • Durable and wipeable
  • Printed on premium quality card stock
  • Size: 3in x 4in cards
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