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Hearts of Gems

Family Digital Detox Kit | Family bonding activities

Family Digital Detox Kit | Family bonding activities

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Looking to enjoy more meaningful screen-free time with your family? Look no further than Family Digital Detox Kit, the perfect antidote to digital overwhelm.

✅ Unplug for Quality Time: Rediscover the joy of face-to-face interactions without the distraction of screens.

✅ Versatile Fun for All Ages: From energetic games to mindful moments, there's something for everyone and for different energy levels.

✅ Promote Family Bonding: Strengthen relationships through shared experiences, laughter, and open communication.

✅ Create Lasting Memories: Build unforgettable memories with activities that go beyond the digital realm.

✅ Encourage Mindful Living: Foster a mindful and balanced lifestyle with activities that promote connection and relaxation.

✅ Perfect for busy parents: A kit at your fingertips that supports positive parenting, which fosters child emotional development and mindful family connections. 


What's Inside:

✨ Memory Makers (25 Cards): Embark on a journey of unforgettable family adventures! These cards are your quick guide to creating fun moments together, sparking joy and laughter.

✨ Memory Match Game (40 Cards): Challenge your family's memory and have a blast with this classic low energy game that's perfect for all ages. Unplug and engage in friendly competition...even from the comfort of laying in bed!

✨ Follow The Leader (20 Cards): It's time for interactive fun! Take turns being the leader and watch as your family follows along, creating a symphony of shared movements and boundless laughter.

✨ Would You Rather (40 Cards): Fuel engaging conversations and hilarious debates with our collection of "Would You Rather" scenarios. Discover new aspects of each other and strengthen your family bond.

✨ Mindful Moments (25 Cards): Immerse your family in mindful practices with these cards designed to promote calmness, gratitude, and improved well-being. Unwind together and create a sanctuary of calm in your home.

🌟 Embrace the magic of family connections! 🌟


Product Details:

  • Box size - 7.5in x 7.5in x 3.5in
  • 5 activity decks
  • Durable and wipeable
  • Printed on premium quality card stock
  • Size: 3in x 4in cards
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