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Hearts of Gems

Acts of Kindness Scratch Booklet

Acts of Kindness Scratch Booklet

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Children can serve too, and this scratch booklet will show them that being kind is fun - it is filled with activities that their young minds can comprehend and will create impacts their big hearts can feel. Watch your child excitedly scratch off and eagerly perform the good deed.

By teaching children to care for other people, the environment, and their community, a strong foundation for gratitude, compassion, and empathy is being created. These are all values that will lead to a better future. This do-good scratch booklet is filled with activities that will inspire children to be kind-hearted people, while showing them that caring can be fun and emotionally rewarding!

Product Details:

  • Perfect for Ages 3 - 100
  • 11x17 Scratch Booklet 
  • 30 scratch off circles 
  • Guide sheet
  • Cardstock
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