Your purchase could impact two children!

At Hearts of Gems, our mission is to spread kindness, promote equality, embrace diversity, and support community – but most of all we want to empower children around the world.

We realize where we spend our money has impact in all these areas and more – conscious gifting can be a true force for good! This is why we are so excited to introduce our Heart Two Hearts giving initiative that will allow you to give back with your purchase.

Each $100 purchase you make with Hearts of Gems will provide TWO disadvantaged children with school supplies to help them pursue their education and in turn, change their lives. To provide further inspiration and motivation, with each purchase you make, you can send a message of hope to these disadvantaged children, which will be printed and included in the kit that is donated on your behalf!


Let's Be a Force for Positive Change in Young Lives, Together!

Owner and Founder of Hearts of Gems, Tarila Morrone, is a native of Nigeria. Inspired to do something to cultivate change globally, the recipients of these school supplies will be children in Nigeria.

Many children in Nigeria grow up in poverty, dealing with governmental issues no one should ever have to face, never mind at such a young age. Due to these issues, many children in Nigeria need encouragement and empowerment as they grow older.

Right now, UNICEF has reported that 1 in 5 of the world’s out of school children is in Nigeria.

Tarila has seen firsthand the power of education to combat and rise above the turmoil. She wants Hearts of Gems to be a pioneer of change for these children, an inspiration for them to complete their education. Education inspires confidence and power, even in the youngest children. If more children are in the classroom, they can use the tools they learn to create the bold and beautiful life they deserve, regardless of their current circumstances.

This initiative aims to encourage children to remember that education is a powerful tool they can use to fight oppression and create positive change in their country and lives.  


Meet Our Partner: Unveiling Africa Foundation

To distribute our donations, Hearts of Gems has partnered with Unveiling Africa Foundation. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to creating lasting social change in Africa through the education of youths in Nigeria.