One mom on a mission to help improve the lives of children everywhere. 

Hearts of Gems is born from my experience as a busy mom of two little girls who, like so many other children, have some really big emotions. I sometimes found myself searching for answers to questions I had about handling everyday situations, but with all of the information that's available, I actually found it completely overwhelming. 

I wanted to spend less time searching and more time being fully present and intentional so each of my girls feels confident, has a sense of calm and emotional well-being they need to thrive. Frustrated with the lack of easy options that fit into my life, I decided to create simple solutions for myself. And with more connection came more regulated and happy kids.

Thoughtfully, joyfully and simply designed, our products make it easy for parents to support their child's mental and emotional well-being. From our Conversation Cards to Lunch Box Notes, our products seamlessly fit into everyday moments, helping you connect with your child to build a healthy sense of self, foster kindness, confidence, and gratitude. Together, we can improve the lives of children everywhere.