Toddler Can Serve, Too!

Little Hearts, Big Impacts!

As parents, we strive to raise strong, kind humans but there is a common misconception that toddlers can’t quite grasp community service engagement, so we wait until they are older to engage them in acts of service. While we can model kindness for toddlers by being hands-on and showing them through our actions what it means to be kind and giving, we can also carry them along. Their little minds may not be able to process grand gestures like monetary donations, but their big hearts can feel the impacts of being included in some actions that add value to our communities.

The Impact of Service Mindsets Early in Life

Research shows that empathy is on a decline. Often time, because older children weren’t encouraged to serve their communities and give back in their childhood, acts of kindness may seem like a chore rather than bringing joy. If we start showing our toddlers that giving back can be rewarding and fun, it will inspire them to be more empathetic, caring, genuine, and compassionate from a young age and they will carry those values with them and inspire others to act the same.

Encouraging Little Acts of Kindness

Hearts of Gems has launched a special scratch off booklet geared towards toddlers ages 3-5 that will help encourage your child to perform little acts of kindness throughout your community. From putting on gloves and picking up trash in the park to putting birdseed out for the birds or saying thank you to a service worker, the goal is to encourage your child to sprinkle kindness all around and have fun while at it. With a little bit of help, all the activities can be understood and performed by a toddler.

Can you imagine how beautiful the world would be if all children were encouraged to actively demonstrate kindness and empathy from the very beginning? It’s also an incredible way to bond and create stronger families ties as your child grows up!

Together, We Can Make a Difference

So, I would like to challenge you all to join Hearts of Gems to create a toddler kindness movement, together! Whether you’re using the scratch off booklet, or volunteering in your town, I encourage you to involve your toddlers and share those acts of kindness with the world! Together we can show that toddlers can serve too and learn so much from their interactions along the way. These little hearts can truly create big impacts!

The more we share, the more we will inspire others to instill a giving mindset in their young children and the better our world will become.

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