Hearts of Gems - The Brand
Amidst the chaos in the world, children have a way of filling you with peace and hope. Hearts of Gems was inspired by my daughters - Ariella and Micaela - whom I call Gems. Ariella is an endearingly curious 3 year old, and always wants to know more about the text or image on her clothing. I saw this as an opportunity to teach her lessons about love, when explaining something as simple as a heart on her top. I noticed her curiosity usually opened the floor to beautiful conversations.


But more than just hearts and flowers, I wanted clothing with a wide range of positive messages and imagery that I could teach my children about. With my girls as my inspiration, I created Hearts of Gems online boutique to help spread their contagious positivity through children’s clothing and accessories, in hopes that our children will create a more positive, accepting, and enlightened world.

I hope that more parents will join me in seeing clothing as more than just a cover-up, but also as a way to teach children values that could lead to a better world 

Tarila Morrone
  • Oct 07, 2020
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