Happy Holidays From Hearts of Gems

I wish you the very best this holiday season! Despite what may have been a rough year for many, I hope we can all choose optimism and find reasons to be joyful and spread some joy this season and beyond. 

When I look at my gems, the very reasons behind this brand, I know I have a lot to be thankful for. I'm constantly inspired by their love for others and innate desire to connect. Ariella's curiosity in the text and imagery on her clothing taught me to see clothes as more than just a cover-up. This led to Hearts of Gems - a children's apparel brand that sells clothing and accessories for children empowering them to see beauty in diversity, cultivate empathy and spread kindness. It gives me great joy to see that this message has connected with so many, as evident in some of our best selling products of the year:


Acts of Kindness Scratch Booklet for Toddlers and Preschoolers


Be Kind T-Shirt


Cool to Be Kind T-Shirt


Children are born understanding that differences are beautiful and everyone deserves kindness. But the world is constantly feeding them messages that say the opposite. For better or worse, our kids are always watching and listening, even down to the words and images on the clothes they wear. But what if we saw those images and messages as opportunities? It is my hope that our meaningful pieces can continue to spark conversations with your kids about self-love, the beauty of diversity, importance of kindness and inclusion, and why empathy matters. Together, we can empower children to bring more light and kindness to the world and inspire others along the way. 

Sending lots of love and light ✨



  • Dec 16, 2020
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