Clothing Children in Positivity - Why it Matters

Children are born seeing the beauty in differences, and in their innocence, they understand that everyone deserves kindness. Unfortunately, the world is constantly feeding them messages that say the opposite. This is where, as parents and caregivers, we have to be very proactive and intentional about helping them see the beauty in the world.

For better or worse, our kids are always watching and listening, even down to the words and images on the clothes they wear. But what if we saw those images and messages as opportunities? 

When children are constantly fed with positive messages and images, it reminds them of why certain values matter. With these reminders, they are more likely to act accordingly - self-love, compassion and kindness, confidence, and appreciating others irrespective of any differences will come naturally.

Our new Elements of Peace bomber jacket for toddlers and kids highlights some of the most important elements for a unified world.

It is my hope that our meaningful clothing can spark conversations with your kids about the beauty of diversity, importance of kindness and inclusion, and why empathy matters. Together, we can empower children to bring more light and kindness to the world and inspire others along the way. 



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